The Shelter

Trichiana and surroundings


Rifugio Pranolz (Pranolz Shelter) is in Trichiana in the province of Belluno, in Veneto a region of Italy. In the heart of Valbelluna between Belluno pre-Alps, banks of Piave river, torrent Limana and Ardo, Mount Cimone and Bridge San Felice. A historic town about World War battlefield, honored with a bronze medal for the valour of its people sacrifices and partisan struggle.

Full of monuments and interesting places like Santa Marta Church (1400), the Council Palace (1870) and many villa venete: Villa Montalban in Pialdier, Villa Alpago Novello in Frontin, Villa Agosti in Villanova, Villa Girlesio in Sant'Antonio, Villa Piloni in Carfagnoi and Villa Piloni in Casteldardo built near the ruins of the anciet castle. Famous people born in Trichiana are: Aldo Brancher an Italian politician undersecretary during Berlusconi administration, and Tina Merlin a writer, journalist and Italian partisan. She took part in the 1944 Resistance as a dispatch rider and she published few essays about women role during the Resistance.

Val Belluna

Valley of ice origin marked at North by the dolomitic group of Schiara, Serva, Mount del Sol and Vette Feltrine; at South by Alpago hollow, belluno Pre-Alps and Grappa range. To ski lovers Col Nevegal and Mount Avena are the most visit places, while for art lovers Belluno and Feltre architecture is the best choice for a trip in the past.

Belluno Pre-Alps

Called Prealpi Venete Orientali, Prealpi Trevigiane or Prealpi Pordenonesi, gather Mount Grappa (1.775m), Mount Cesen (1.570m), Col Visentin (1.768m), Mount Pizzoc (1.565m), Millifret (1.581m) and Col Nudo (2.472m). Interesting even the road pass: Praderadego pass (910m), San Boldo pass (707m) and sella di Fadalto (488m).

National Park of Belluno Dolomite

A natural protected area of Veneto region. A surface about 15.030,22 hectare which includes mountainous groups of Alpi Feltrine, Mount del Sole, Schiara, Talvena, Prampèr and Spiz di Mezzodì and springs, swamps and flows like Cordevole, Mis, Caorame, Stién (tributary of Caorame), Falcìna (tributary of Mis), Ardo, Vescovà, Prampèra (tributary of Maè).

Pass San Boldo

A crossing place that link two side of Belluno Pre-Alps (Valmareno in Treviso and Valbelluna in Belluno). Its famous road was built during First World War in only 100 days. On Summer millions of cycling tourists try the 18 hairpin turn til the top. From the pass peak is possible reach by walk the camping Rifugio dei Loff through CAI n.991 path; From the camping is possible descend toward Cison di Valmarino town.

Rifugio Pranolz uses LOCAL PRODUCTS from:

JAM: Farm "Nel Giardino di Fien"
produced by raspberry, yellow raspberry, bluberry, Siberian bluberry, blackberry, cranberry, tayberry, boysenberry, gooseberry, currant and josta; only natural fruits and truly organic.

CHEESE: Latterie (dairies) "Frontin" and Sant'Antonio in Tortal
Frontin dairy offers healthy products, natural and organic, still made in the traditional way. Whole and skimmed cheese, frontinella, pianezze, caciotta, schiz, ricotta, butter, mascarpone and much more.
S.Antonio in Tortal dairy from 1932 makes cheese, butter and ricotta with milk takes from animals breed with natural food.

GOAT CHEESE: organic farm "La Schirata"

country house with a stable and a workshop in Valpiana offers: goat cheese, goat robiola, goat ricotta, goat tomino, seasonal formaggelle

VEGETABLES: Farm "Boschi del Castagno"

cabbage, broccoli, savoy cabbage, cardoon, carot, zucchini, salad, radicchio, turnip, radish, corn, apple, tomato, potato, chestnut, nut, Lamona IGP bean and yellow bean, pumpkin.

Our local Salami!

made with pork, horse and bovine meat, sometimes grind game with addition of salt, pepper, spices and garlic. Belluno salami is always eaten together with bread or polenta and a good glass of red wine, symbolizing a healthy and good dish.

At Rifugio Pranolz is possible RENTING E-BIKES, €35 a day